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1.   Admission  
a) Referred by Honoraries on DHRC Panel
b) Referred by General Practitioners
c) Transfers from other Hospitals
d) Corporate patients
e) Walk-in-patients

When patient comes for Admission with a proper letter for admission, he is first examined by RMO on duty. Patient’s history, his complaints and current status of health is recorded by the RMO on admission form.

After preliminary examination of the patient/s his relatives are guided about bed availability, charges, deposit etc., and simultaneously the RMO informs the Honorary under whom the patient is to be admitted. In case of Walk- in patients and those referred by General Practitioners, non-panel Doctors. Corporate patients not specifically referred to a particular Honorary, he is admitted under respective Honorary who is Emergency Rota of the day.

The Front Office Staff Completes admission details and collects deposit (not required in case of Corporate patients). Before transferring the patient to the Ward he has opted, the necessary investigations advised by the Honorary are performed to avoid inconvenience to the patient / relatives.

Hospital follows Weekly / Bi weekly billing system and on intimation from the counter the amount due till date are to be paid immediately.

At the time of discharge, patient’s file is circulated to all departments to ascertain any dues outstanding for any tests / diagnostics carried out and the final bill is prepared by the billing counter. The balance amount due after adjusting all deposits / advances is to be paid in CASH at before discharge.

Bed Booking
Patient can make advance booking of bed up to one week in advance. He will have to pay one day bed charges. Entire amount is non-refundable in case of default, by patient not coming for admission on schedule date. Charges will be as per class booked by the patient. Advance booking made is non-transferable.
2.   Donations

The Institute also receives Donations from Philanthropic Institutions and individuals towards ‘Dhanwantari Vikas Nidhi’ which is utilized towards purchase of Equipments from time to time and towards aid to ‘Cancer / Poor’ Patients. Medical assistance is granted to poor patients from such donations as well as separate Fund set up by the Institute for the said purpose. The Donations received by the Institute are entitled to tax exemption under section 80 G of the Income Tax Act 1961.

The Hospital also holds approval u/s 17 of the Income Tax Act 1961 in regard to allowability of Medical expenses to Corporates / individuals in their respective returns.

The Institute has been meeting obligations laid down under the Bombay Public Trusts and the recent High Court order issued in respect of Free & Concessional Treatment to Poor Patients.

Medical Camps are conducted at the Hospital from time to time-in different faculties where free medical consultations are extended to patients.

3.   Clinical Trials

Hospital is carrying out Phase III & Phase IV Clinical Trials in different sub specialities.

4.   Medical Tourism

Hospital has been getting patients from abroad and we offer treatment to them living with our motto